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Sharp 8K E-Pro Video Camera | 8C-B30A

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The Sharp E-Pro 8K video camera and its 8K ecosystem of products expands 8K content production for image creators of all types, including those with budgetary constraints. The content is ideal for YouTube, virtual reality and capturing drone footage – all of which are increasingly popular platforms for image capture.

Sharp’s new camera presents real 8K resolution that demonstrates the next evolution in image capture and editing technology. This is possible through Sharp’s original CMOS image sensor that delivers the 8K images through a Four Thirds system standard at a 16:9 aspect ratio. The camera also features a Micro Four Thirds mount and a CMOS sensor capable of delivering 8K resolution at 30 fps using the H.265 codec.

Sharp 8K Professional Camcorder | 8C-B60A

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Sharp’s 8K Professional Camcorder is the world’s first camcorder to have four functions in one device. This revolutionary camcorder allows the user to shoot, record, and playback video in 8K all in one spot. It also improves 8K editing worktime with reduced 8K production costs. This device shoots video on 33M Super 35mm CMOS sensors including a PL lens mount. Videos are recorded in 8K at 60p. The camcorder has a video output of up to 8K at 60p by 12G-SDI quadlink. Sharp’s new camcorder comes in two distinct styles, English and Cinema style, perfect for different types of video shoots.

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